Selective Soldering System

Juki would like to introduce our new, low cost selective soldering system. This unique batch platform offers excellent flexibility for through-hole applications. The lower cost and smaller footprint utilizes the same soldering technology found on Juki's larger platforms while offering a superior ROI of 6-12 months. Accessibility to the CUBE.460 is very simple allowing for easy setup and easy maintenance. The solder pot and nozzles are ready for lead-free production.

  • Low Cost
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Superior ROI
  • Easy Setup & Maintenance
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Standard Dual Wave Configuration
Standard Dual Wave Configuration
Lambda & Chip Wave
A3 Zone Top/Bottom
A3 Zone Top/Bottom
Pre-Heat IR or Convection
A3 Zone Top/Bottom
A3 Zone Top/Bottom
Pre-Heat IR or Convection
Integrated Fluxing System
Integrated Fluxing System

Size Specs

Dimensions with Shuttle:
L2000mm W1550mm H1250mm
(78.7" x 61" x 49.2")

Approx. 800 kg (1760 lbs)

Board Size

Min. 20mm x 20mm (0.79" x 0.79")
Max. 460mm x 460mm (18" x 18")

Fluxing System

Flux Head:
Micro-Dot Drop-Jet
(Spray Fluxer Optional)


Power: 4kW

Bottom Side - Quartz IR emitters

Top Side Maintenance/Pre-heater:
Built in over the PCB (Optional)

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