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Placement Machine | JX-100 |  Flexible Compact Mounter

JX-100 | Flexible Compact Mounter

A machine with superior cost performance that produces maximum results with minimum investment.

The machine combines high production capacity with its versatility at a reasonable cost. This system is best suited for a company starting out in surface mount. It is both easy to operate and compact, resulting in a smooth installation.

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Placement Head:
Six nozzle head with laser alignment

Placement Rate:
15,300 IPC9850

Component Range:
0402 (0201) ~ 33.5mm square

Placement Accuracy:
(±50µm) at +/- 3 Sigm


Superior Cost Performance:
Focusing on essential functions and achieving high productivity in a compact body at low cost. Utilizes the same highly accurate state-of-the-art laser centering found on higher end models.

Superior Versatility:
Able to place a wide range of component types allowing the production of a wide variety of circuit boards.

Reliable Quality:

Excellent durability and stability result in high quality over a long machine life.

Easy Operation:
Easy operation for entry-level operators. Faster learning curve enables quick introduction of the JX-100 to any factory.

Feeder Options
A wide variety of feeder options are available with this machine.

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